Ware's Division - VS-6 at Midway - June 4, 1942

Lieutenant Charles R. Ware leads his division of six SBD-3 Dauntless dive-bombers back to USS Enterprise after a successful attack on Japan's largest aircraft carrier Kaga at the Battle of Midway. The SBDs are now preparing to repel an attack by Japanese Zero fighters from the surviving Japanese carrier Hiryu. The SBD with nose down in the background has run out of fuel and will ditch in the ocean. Its aircrew were plucked from the sea by the Japanese destroyer Makigumo. After interrogation by the enraged Japanese, they were brutally executed. Only one aircraft from Ware's division reached the US Fleet. Without sufficient fuel to reach their carrier, Ware and the rest of his men perished in the vastness of the Pacific.*

* This superb painting of gallant American pilots and their SBD dive-bombers of Enterprise's VS-6 at Midway was reproduced with the kind permission of the artist John Greaves.

This section of the Pacific War Web-site is dedicated to the stories of the men who served their country in the great naval battle at the Midway Islands between 4-6 June 1942. The crushing defeat inflicted on a powerful Japanese naval invasion force by the much smaller United States Pacific Fleet turned the tide in the Pacific War and put an end to Japan's ambition to dominate the central Pacific region.

The Stories:

Lieutenant Commander Richard H. Best, USN (Ret.)

Commander Tom Cheek, USN (Ret.)

Ed Fox, Pfc, USMC

Commander Clayton Fisher, USN (Ret.)

Lieutenant Commander William "Bill" G. Roy, USNR (Ret.)

Commander Ralph V. "Kaiser" Wilhelm, USN (Ret.)