In the great naval battle at Midway in the central Pacific between 4-6 June 1942, three American aircraft carriers won a remarkable and pivotal victory against a huge Japanese Imperial Navy invasion force.

Before Midway, the United States had been struggling to survive the powerful Japanese onslaught that began with the surpriseattack on the United States Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. The loss by Japan of four of its best aircraft carriers and several hundred highly experienced aircrew at Midway marked a turning point in the Pacific War. The crushing defeat inflicted on the Japanese Navy by the very much smaller United States Pacific Fleet put an end to Japan's ambition to dominate the central Pacific region.

The primary purposes of this discussion group are to (1) maintain awareness of, and improve knowledge of a major historical event in the Pacific War 1941-45, and (2) help sustain the memory of the men who made that history. The group comprises people of all ages and from many walks of life with a keen interest in Pacific War history, and includes veterans of the Pacific War.

Although the primary focus of this discussion group is the Battle of Midway, and its impact on the Pacific War, other aspects of that war are frequently raised for discussion, for example, Pearl Harbor, the Battle of the Coral Sea, and the vital role played by the code-breakers. Members are always pleased to help history students with questions about Midway and other aspects of the Pacific War.

An attractive feature of the Midway Roundtable is the web-site associated with it. This web-site permits images and up-to-date historical material to be displayed for convenient access by members. The web-site also enables members to obtain access to other Midway and Pacific War historical web-sites.

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